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Inspired by the shape of historical alcoves, Sebastian Herkner transported the idea of ​​the retreat space outdoors with MBARQ. The deep seats and high backrests offer not only comfort but also privacy. The modular collection gives structure to open outdoor spaces, defining areas where one can relax and entertain as well as focus on work. With its organic shape, vibrant colors and three-axis braided structure made of DEDON fibers, MBARQ lends an enchanted touch to any environment and invites you to dream.

Model name: MBARQ
Model Type: Lounge
Design: Dedon
Size: W 285 D 101/187 H 85 SH 45 cm
Braid in color No.115 pepper
Cushion in Twist fabric, color no. 662 gray Cat.B

Note: exhibition goods

Delivery time: forwarding agency 1-2 weeks

Dedon was founded in 1990 and quickly began to revolutionize the outdoor furniture industry with their own developed fiber, Dedon fiber. In 1994 they started having their furniture weaved on the Philippine island of Cebu, as that is where the best weavers in the world live. Over the years, internationally renowned designers such as Jean-Marie Massaud became part of Dedon and expanded their portfolio with award-winning collections. Nowadays you can say that Dedon has revolutionized and perfected the art of weaving, which is why you are also known for your furniture.

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Dedon / MBARQ / Lounge

Dedon / MBARQ / Lounge

design möbel Sale

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